SÖNER will donate products for the raffles. A fusion between past and present. The square watch brand.

K.W. Karlberg Kafferosteri

New Sponsor for 2023 K.W. Karlberg Kafferosteri.Sweden’s oldest privately owned coffe roastary – anno 1890


A Finnish-Japanese Design Company

REC Watches

REC Watches is an independent watch brand based in Vordingborg, Denmark. Recover, recycle, reclaim – timeless creations made from material of iconic vehicles around the… Läs mer »REC Watches

Båge & Söner

The vision for Båge & Söner is to create the world’s finest alarm clock, with a classic design that also meets the quality and functional… Läs mer »Båge & Söner

Franks Ur

Franks is the main sponsor of OWG 2022. Franks is authorized to sell and repair luxury watches. It all started in 1878 in the watch… Läs mer »Franks Ur