It all started in a small forge in central Stockholm in 1892 where two men named Frans W. Lindqvist and Johan Victor Svenson sought to… Läs mer »Primus


We at WOFS Watches believe that true wealth and freedom is to own your own time and dedicate it to something you love. We love… Läs mer »WOFS


In late 2018, the company’s founder, Henry Salmela, was working in the world’s deepest iron ore mine in Kiruna, the northern-most city in Sweden, over… Läs mer »Tidlös


OWN YOUR TIME Leijona has been by far Finland’s most popular watch brand for over a century. It has accompanied us from time to time.… Läs mer »Leijona


It all started when the watch-enthusiasts Totte el Siddig and Roger Clementz met at a forum for watches and discovered that they shared the thought… Läs mer »REM


An idea is born – Oslo 1986 In a bright red people carrier bubble sits a naive and inexperienced 19-year-old who is going on his… Läs mer »Bragdur


Celegin Precision Timing is a newly founded, completely independent Swedish watch brand. Our watches are completely dedicated to Swedish traditions within avaition, military and industry.… Läs mer »Celegin


Registered participants for OWG March 2022 Total: 423 Nickname Watch In? Berns Bragdur Jernmann Y Staafen Rolex Submariner 16610 Y Loevhagen Grand Seiko SBGA407 ”Skyflake”… Läs mer »Participants