OWN YOUR TIME Leijona has been by far Finland’s most popular watch brand for over a century. It has accompanied us from time to time.… Läs mer »Leijona


It all started when the watch-enthusiasts Totte el Siddig and Roger Clementz met at a forum for watches and discovered that they shared the thought… Läs mer »REM


An idea is born – Oslo 1986 In a bright red people carrier bubble sits a naive and inexperienced 19-year-old who is going on his… Läs mer »Bragdur


Celegin Precision Timing is a newly founded, completely independent Swedish watch brand. Our watches are completely dedicated to Swedish traditions within avaition, military and industry.… Läs mer »Celegin


Registered participants for OWG March 2022 Total: 423 Nickname Watch In? Berns Bragdur Jernmann Y Staafen Rolex Submariner 16610 Y Loevhagen Grand Seiko SBGA407 ”Skyflake”… Läs mer »Participants

OWG March 2021 results

Swedish charity 250 challangers Sweden so far: 122.300kr Norwegian charity Norway so far: 24.651kr 79 challangers