Welcome to the place for daring watch enthusiasts! If you have a passion for technology, design and watchmaking then you have come to the right… Läs mer »IFLW is an online store selling affordable high-quality watch straps & watch accessories. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden and we sell our products worldwide.… Läs mer »

Jurmo Watches

Jurmo Watches is a Finnish manufacturer of luxury mechanical timepieces. The brand epitomizes Finnish DNA, from design features to in-house craftsmanship. Jurmo timepieces are highly… Läs mer »Jurmo Watches

Gränsfors bruk

Over more than 100 years, Gränsfors Bruks AB has built up a business based around handcrafted axes and axe expertise, with a focus on quality… Läs mer »Gränsfors bruk


It all started in a small forge in central Stockholm in 1892 where two men named Frans W. Lindqvist and Johan Victor Svenson sought to… Läs mer »Primus


We at WOFS Watches believe that true wealth and freedom is to own your own time and dedicate it to something you love. We love… Läs mer »WOFS


In late 2018, the company’s founder, Henry Salmela, was working in the world’s deepest iron ore mine in Kiruna, the northern-most city in Sweden, over… Läs mer »Tidlös