What is OWG MARCH?

OWG March is a personal challenge to wear the same watch throughout all 31 days of March without putting on any other wristwatch for the entire month.

OWG March started five years ago as a challenge on the Swedish watch forum Klocksnack.se and in 2022 the Norwegian watch forum Tidssonen also joined.

In short, you commit to using only one watch for the entire month. Challenging, fun and educational as well as a social activity that brings the focus back on watch joy rather than value increase, flipping, the next purchase, etc. A personal watch challenge that we do together.


We will keep the tradition of combining OWG March with fundraising for a charity. This year the funds raised will be donated to Min Stora Dag, a charitable organization that works toward making a difference for children and adolescents with critical illnesses and diagnoses.

To give the fundraising an extra dimension, we have organized a friendly international match between the different countries, where at the end of the period we will see which of us that have managed to raise the most money for our respective charitable causes. The winner will receive honor and glory, and will be the title holder until the next OWG challenge.

Rules for participation:

  • 1 selected watch to wear throughout March.
  • Replacement of strap, link, bezel or other external parts is allowed as long as it is the same one watch.
  • The selected watch can be removed during sleep and short periods.
  • We have the full confidence that our participants shall follow the rules, use common sense and act honestly. 
  • For posts on instagram (& other social media) use the hashtags #owgmarch or #owgm24!

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