Celegin is one of the sponsors of OWG 2024!

Celegin Precision Timing is a completely independent Swedish watch brand founded in 2021. A strong dedication to Sweden as a nation, Swedish traditions or icons within the aviation, industry and military is reflected in all of their watches, and they strive to only make high quality, high specified and extremely well-finished time pieces.

As an example, their Pilot watches are devoted to Swedish fighter jets. To keep the genuine Swedish connection, all of their prints and texts on all of their watches are in the Swedish language.

Visit their website for more: www.celegin.se
Instagram: Celegin_

My name is Leonard Celegin and together with my small team is behind Sweden’s probably smallest watch brand, Celegin Precision Timing. We want to contribute with what we can; partly because we are enthusiasts who want to support other enthusiasts – in this case OWG March. But also because the charitable purpose Maskrosbarn stands for something that people close to me have experienced. We hope that this year’s OWG March will be the best so far! Best, Leonard”

This year they will be donating one coffee mug as well a strap package with one black canvas strap & one navy blue nylon strap (22 mm).