MALM Watches

OUR MOST IMPORTANT WATCH EVER All participants in the Swedish team #owgmarch donate money to the charity organization Min Stora Dag, which creates joyful experiences,… Läs mer »MALM Watches

IFL Watches

IFL Watches is a relatively new web shop where we offer watch accessories to enthusiasts.We have run the web shop for almost a year and… Läs mer »IFL Watches

Malm Watches

Malm Watches has a great commitment to charity and when the opportunity came to support ”Min Stora Dag” through OWGMarch, we chose to do it… Läs mer »Malm Watches

Tid & Ting

Tid & Ting is a loyal supplier of bands and bracelets for many of us watch enthusiasts. They have chosen to support our fundraising by… Läs mer »Tid & Ting


My story started in 2014 when I got my first watch, a Corniche Heritage watch with a black leather strap with a butterfly clasp. I loved it… Läs mer »Wristbuddys.com

WOFS Watches

WOFS Watch’s ambition is to always convey a feeling, which is why we are also so much more than just vintage watches. Our latest project… Läs mer »WOFS Watches