Erikson Urhandel

We at Erikson Urhandel are passionate about watches in all shapes and want you to be able to find a watch that you are happy with. We can guarantee that there is a watch that suits you. Whether you are looking for something a little simpler or maybe a little more complex watch, you will find it with us! With us, you will find many of the giants in watch values such as Omega, Breitling, Sinn, Sjöö Sandström and Tag Heuer. Feel free to look around in our online store or visit our watch store in Sundbyberg, Stockholm. Warm welcome!

We have donated the following products for the OWG Raffle;

  • Breitling bag
  • Gift card
  • Graham jacket
  • Tissot mobile charger
  • Sinn microfiber cloth
  • Tissot bag strap
  • Denke’s first book signed
  • Omega travel contact
  • Omega name holder
  • Omega travel case