IFL Watches, or IFLW, is the brand for daring watch enthusiasts! If you have a passion for technology, design and watchmaking, you have come to the right place.

IFLW became a company in 2019, promising to be different, creative, and brave. They started in a suburb of Stockholm as a group of watch lovers and friends. With a passion for wristwatches, pop culture, and entrepreneurship – together they wanted to create a new chapter in the history of horology.

In their first year, IFLW evolved from doing retail to designing and producing their own line of watch stands and watch storage. They found their own high-quality leather, marble, and steel producers. Since then they’ve launched an Art Gallery featuring amazing artist co-labs and decorative pieces for your home. Next they launched their first Watch Customization project and a new chapter began…

All of their leather products and patterns are designed in Sweden. It took them a year to develop their camouflage pattern. They were working closely together with their locally sourced producers in Tuscany, Italy which is known for its high-quality leather production and craftsmanship. Their three most used materials are Saffiano, EPI, and Alcantara leather.
Their leather is custom made with colors and combinations exclusively for IFLW.

This year, IFLW will be donating items to all five Friday raffles:

Visit their website: iflwatches.com
Instagram: iflwatches