It all started in a small forge in central Stockholm in 1892 where two men named Frans W. Lindqvist and Johan Victor Svenson sought to find the solution to the sooty kerosene stove of the time. Together, they created the world’s first soot-free stove that boiled water seven times faster and was much healthier than previous stoves. The pioneering invention came to be called Primus, which is Latin for “first”. Even today, we strive to create more efficient stoves that not only last a lifetime (or longer), but that also leave as little impact on both the environment and people as possible. 

In a cooperation with KS Explorers Club

Products donated to the OWG weekly raffle;

1 x PrimeTech stove set

2 x Trailbreak termos 0,5 lit

2 x Trailbreak lunch jug mattermos