An idea is born – Oslo 1986

In a bright red people carrier bubble sits a naive and inexperienced 19-year-old who is going on his biggest adventure. He will be visiting Norway’s largest watch wholesaler for a few months and he is indescribably excited. The year is 1986 and the road from Grünerløkka to Tønsberg seems like a moon journey. The 19-year-old has already developed an excessive interest in watches and he knows that watches will define the rest of his life. Maybe one day he can make his own watch? After a few years, the clock dream became just a dream. 34 years later, it seems that the expectation that watches would define the rest of his life comes true ……. the red bubble has suddenly been given new life.

About the company :

BRAGDUR  is 100% owned by founder and designer Lars Erik Hansen & his family. All designs and movement specification are made in Norway. There are a number of people involved in the project. Some have a watchmaking professional background and others are designers. All sketches and ideas are 100% Norwegian. The first watch we sold was the FROSKEMANN in november 2020. Since then our watches have been very popular. When we launch new watches in limited series they are all sold out in short time. That is also the reason for not selling outside of Norway.

Procurement of production goes through a cooperating company in Switzerland that specializes in Microbrands in the upper quality class. For now the production of watch cases take place in Zhenzhen, China. The watch-case factory is known for high end facilities and are being used by several world-leading watch brands. The movement of the watches are purchased in either Switzerland or Japan. The majority of BRAGDURS watches use the Swiss mechanical movement Sellita SW200-1. The HYBRID and the JERNMANN uses the well known Seiko VK64 Meqaquartz.

In 2023, BRAGDUR  will produce watch cases of the limited series here in Norway. First out will be ”SJØULK”, the watch that is made in honor and honor of the sivil war sailors(1940-1945) and also the ”FLYGER N25-Spitsbergen”, a vintage pilot watch with manual mechanical swiss movement honoring the great rescue of Roald Amundsen and his team from the North Pole in 1925.